Kookzie Koozie Co.

Upcycled wetsuit beverage koozies to keep your hand warm, your drink cold, and wetsuits out of landfills

Kookzie Koozie Co. is a brand of beverage sleeves made entirely from upcycled wetsuits that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, or hoarded away in sheds and garages around the world.

Wetsuits are made of from neoprene, a petroleum product manufactured in ways that harm the environment, and never biodegrade.

Other beer koozies are wastefully manufactured as well, using unnecessary foam and neoprene to make them into cheap souvenirs and party favors.   

At Kookzie Koozie Co. we use wetsuits that are damaged and would otherwise be thrown away, wash them thoroughly, and hand make each individual Kookzie in a unique way so that you can enjoy a cold one, guilt free.

Make you’re stance on ocean waste be known and order a Kookzie today!

Get custom Kookzies made for your business, wedding favors, band merch, or whatever occasion!

Got a wetsuit you're going to throw away? Donate today and recieve a free Kookzie